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What is Final Expense Insurance, And Who is Our Target Market?

We sell final expense life insurance policies designed to cover funeral costs. In most situations, we can insure almost anyone age 0-85. Most can qualify even with existing health conditions. Final expense insurance provides a valuable service to our community and the families of the people that need our help the most. They generally insure under $15,000 in coverage, but we can insure up to $20,000 based on certain health restrictions. Final Expense is about offering a product that everyone needs, educating our community on its importance, and helping families. There is no better feeling than providing a product and a service that assists people at one of the most difficult times in their life.

How Many Carriers Do We Offer?

Taylored Legacy agency only represents 1 company… Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, “The Leader in Final Expense”. Lincoln Heritage sold $160 Million in new business in 2019; more than any other Final Expense Company has ever sold in the USA in a single year! With 50 years of experience in the industry, they have streamlined the process with a 1 page front only application, liberal underwriting guidelines, same day pay, health/dental benefits for qualifying agents, residual income opportunity, company incentive trips, and an in-house lead program. We have no need to complicate the process when we have the best the industry has to offer. At Taylored Legacy, our agency represents Lincoln Heritage exclusively in 8 states, and is the #1 Final Expense Agency in the country. Taylored Legacy sold over $12 million of Lincoln Heritage's business in 2019, and we are continuing to grow rapidly.

I’ve Seen Ad’s From Other Companies and Other Managers From the Same Company, What Separates Taylored Legacy?

I started as an agent in April 2008 and was the #1 agent in the country selling 62 policies for $35,995 my 1st month licensed. I went on to become the highest per month average agent in the country in my 1st 9 months, and was then promoted to an area manager position. I’ve hand built my agency one agent at a time, with a unique training system. You will receive 120% support from me in every area, and the background of success in Final Expense at all levels. Many other managers have been given producing groups, territories, and agents. However, I’m a firm believer in letting my numbers do the talking, versus making promises I can’t back up. I’ve personally hand built my agency from the ground up and here are my results in new business in annualized premium per year.

1st 9 Months I sold 369 Policies for $212,709 In New Business.

1st Year just under $1.5 Million
2nd Year $2.2 Million
3rd Year $3.3 Million
4th Year $4.5 Million
5th Year $7.8 Million- (73% Growth from 2012)

Other managers and companies make promises on personal production, agency growth, opportunity, and income potential. But the truth is how can they teach you if they aren’t doing it? How can they promise something they’ve never accomplished themselves? My group was one of the fastest growing Final Expense Agencies in the country last year and we’ll do it again this year!

Taylored Legacy has a unique training system, support structure, and systems in place to ensure your success. You can duplicate my results in half the time, with my help! We just need the right people to get in the right seats on the bus! There are no short cuts or get rich schemes here, but if you work hard and dedicate yourself, you truly have unlimited income and growth opportunity.

My passion is to help others grow and reach their full potential.  I’ll personally mentor you, and do everything in my power to ensure your success, can they?

What Experience Do You Require?

None! No Sales Or Work Experience Required!  We will train you regardless of experience.

We only require:
Positive Attitude
Competitive Nature
Good Work Ethic

What Previous Career Paths Transition Well to Selling Final Expense?

We have successful agents/managers from all walks of life and experience levels. All you need is a positive attitude and a great work ethic. Some examples include:
Recent High School or College Graduates
Business Owners
Real Estate/Mortgage
Auto Sales
Sale Management
Outside Sales
Inside Sales
Speaker or Sales Trainers
Time Share Sales
Door To Door Sales or Canvassing
Any Hard Close Sales
Customer Service Reps
Bartenders/Waiters/ or Food Service
Athletes ( Anyone with a competitive nature)

Is a life insurance license required for this position?

Yes, a life license is required but if you do not already have one it is not a problem so long as you are willing to obtain it.

How do I obtain my life license? Is that something you assist with?

Each state is different when it comes to obtaining your life license and what they require. We have an internship program where we will assist you with the licensing fees so long as you meet the requirements. If you contact our licensing department at 1-800-840-0739, we will provide you with all the information you need to obtain your life license in your state and can provide you information about our internship program.

What Does the Average Producing Agent Making Their First Year?

New agents with zero work/sales experience typically average $50,000-$75,000 their first year. Your income will depend on how well you implement our training, and how much time you dedicate to spending in the field.  If you are willing to commit to 50 hours a week we will provide the necessary tools to earn over $125,000 plus benefits your first year.

What Can A Top Producing Agent Earn in Their First 12 Months and Beyond?

If you are someone that is willing to spend 50+ hours a week in the field selling, mimicking our sales training, and working 30+ leads a week, you can make anywhere from $150,000-$200,000 gross income in your first year!

My first month LICENSED I made over $16,500 in personal income.  My results may not be typical, but they are 100% achievable.  My first nine months after becoming licensed I grossed a total of $121,511, $284,345 in my 2nd year, $395,399 3rd year, $690,682 4th year, $1,004,106 5th year, and $1,479,560 in 2013! WE DON’T LIMIT YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL! Ask yourself… how bad do you want it, and how hard are you willing to work for it?

Is This Network Marketing, MLM, or A Pyramid Scheme?

No this is NOT!  It is nothing like a network marketing company. We don’t want you to hire, recruit, or sell your friends and family anything! Selling Final Expense Insurance with us is a career, and we’ll provide everything you need to be successful; including fresh exclusive leads that put you in front of warm prospects.

Is There Any Room for Advancement?

We are always looking for candidates with the right characteristics who want to move into management.  You have to show us that you can follow our training, produce consistently, and that you have the right attitude and characteristics to be a successful manager.  The more you produce, the faster we will promote you on our Fast Track Management Program.  You can be recruiting, training, and overwriting commissions in 6 months or less!

I Want To Hire People and Manage From Day One, Can I?

Yes and No. In rare circumstances, we may allow someone to start as a manager if they already have a proven agency in place, with agents they have brought on.

In most cases you cannot recruit, earn an overwrite commission, or be a manager unless you have been promoted into a management position.  Ask about how you can get promoted in under 6 months with our Management Fast Track Program.

The reason we typically do not hire starting management is, we finance leads and chargebacks to you. So becoming a manager right off the bat would put you out of business.  As a manager, you are responsible for any and all agents you make an overwrite commission on that don’t work out, which includes their debt.  So if they owe $2,000 in leads or chargebacks and they don’t work out, Lincoln Heritage holds you responsible for their debt.  So to be a manager you need to be financially stable enough, and have enough in residuals and as earned income to offset these types of charges.

I’m always looking to promote people that show the right characteristics into management, but I want to make sure they build a strong base first.  Managers that have never experienced struggle, usually make less money, are consumed by debt, and generally don’t last in the long run.

Managers have more responsibility, liability, and a lot more debt. Yet, when your agency is built with the proper foundation, you have the opportunity to make a lot more money. With Lincoln Heritage financing your group’s leads and chargebacks, you can grow at a rate much faster than you would with other companies.

What Can A Manager Make?

Generally, most 2nd year managers will make $200,000-$300,000 based on production. Our regional managers usually make $300,000 within 24 months of being promoted, top regional managers can earn $1,000,000+ a year, with unlimited earning potential and huge renewals.

Do We Pay Residual Income?

Our starting contracts pay residual income for 10 years, and our management contracts pay lifetime renewals.  Meaning that you are going to get paid year after year as long as they keep the policy.  Our starting contracts offer smaller renewals, but as your front end contract increases, so does your back end.  Our pay is structured so that those on the highest contract levels make the most in renewals as well, because they have worked very hard to get there.  So, the harder you work and the more business you write, the more compensation you will receive!

You will get paid a monthly check based on the as earned commission and your residual income after the first year, called a PAYTHROUGH.  Lincoln Heritage pays this starting the first month your clients make their second payment, they don’t make you wait 9 months like most companies.

I personally hit the $1 million dollar mark in just 32 months in the business, and I’ll show you everything I did to make that happen.

What Are Most Agents Making in Pay through (Residual + As Earned) After 1 Year?

Most average writing producers will make $1,500 to $2,000 a month after just 12 months in business, on top of their normal commissions.  Meaning at the beginning of each month they will get paid this, plus whatever they sell that month.  This number can fluctuate based on the number of policies you retain and the amount of business you write.

A top producer can exceed $4,000 a month within a year. My top first year producer exceeded $6,000 a month in residual income.

How nice would it be starting with a monthly check every month, based on the policies you’ve already sold?  My pay through is nearly $160,000 a month in under 6 years in the business. After only 1 year of being licensed, I’ll give you the blueprints on how you can duplicate this, but it’s up to you to do the work to make it happen!

How Many Hours Will I Have to Spend In the Field Working Leads?

You can work as many or as few of hours as you like, but to become a top producer we recommend 50 hours a week. The more time you put in the field (especially your first 6 months to a year) the easier this will be, and the more money you will make.

If you are looking for another product to sell, this is NOT the opportunity for you.  

How Many Leads Will I Receive?

Most agents take 15 to 25 fresh, local, exclusive leads a week. Our top producers consistently work 35+ leads a week. No minimum or maximum number of leads are required.

What is the Average Closing Ratio?

Different territories, agents, and leads have different ratios. Our agency averages 30 policies written for every 100 leads taken, but this is because we work referrals, and sometimes write multiple policies in one household.

If you are closing less than 25%, you are doing something wrong. You really should be around 30% closing ratio. If you are struggling, all you have to do is ask for assistance and we will help you to make the necessary adjustments to get your ratios up and be successful.

How Does Our Training Work?

We do agency and product knowledge through our online site which should take only a few days. Then, we will conduct local field training with you with one of our top producing agent/managers. You will then role play and go through the objections to make sure you are ready. Once you have mastered the scripts, we’ll assign you leads and let you hit the field. But you will be expected to close a minimum of 25-30% before you can receive more leads.  If you are struggling, we’ll put you back in the car and help you rework your leads.

Do I Have to Sell to My Family and Friends?

No.  This is not MLM. We will provide a steady flow of leads for you to work weekly. You will never need to market to your friends or family, because we will provide you with reliable leads.

What is A Typical Starting Agent Contract?

We typically start agents off at an 80% contract with the opportunity to go as high as a 115% contract based on production.

What is Required to Get A Higher Contract Percentage?

Production, Production, Production! Everything is based on personal production, and your group’s production if you are a manager. Equally important is Policy Persistency as we want the business to stay on the books. There is equal opportunity for everyone in the company to grow, expand, and have an opportunity to earn our 115% contracts based on production.

Why are Our Leads so Good?

Lincoln Heritage walks the fine line of obtaining the best quality lead for the cheapest price. They are obtained through our Television commercials, our direct mail program, digital advertising, and preset appointments. Most leads are within a few days to at most, two weeks old and have not been worked by any other agents. If the leads get beyond 45 days old we actually give them at a discounted price and eat the loss.

Lincoln Heritage invests millions of dollars each and every year continually testing different leads to guarantee that we have the best Final Expense Leads out there!

We order you leads in the zip codes you would like to work. You must be willing to work within 45-60 minutes of where you live, but we’ll always keep you as close to home as possible. The more time you spend selling, the more money everyone makes!

Plus we’ve ran TV commercials in every major area in the country for years, making us a household name. Whether you’re working a direct mail lead, or a TV lead… our company name is branded making it easier for you to sell!

Do You Make Money on the Leads?

No, Lincoln Heritage has lost millions over the years, because they are constantly testing new pieces to improve their program and remain the best in the industry. We make our money in production, not by selling leads.  I personally lose over $100,000 a year discounting leads, because I truly care about my agent’s success.  I also understand that this is a lead driven business, and without quality prospects for you to see daily, you’ll never make any money.

What Is the Average Monthly Payment for Our Clients?

$58 a month is the most common, but we can go as low as $15 a month.

What Type of Life Insurance is This?

We sell whole life Final Expense Policies, designed to cover funeral costs. This means it accrues cash value, has no increasing payments, or decreasing value (as long as monthly premiums are paid), and most people qualify (even those with pre-existing medical conditions)

Do You Sell any Other Products?

No, we sell Final Expense Life Insurance with one company!  (Remember, the Jack of all Trades is a master of none!)  Why would you want to, if you can simplify and make MORE MONEY selling one product?

How Can You Make $200,000 to $2 Million a Year from $57 a Month Policies?

Volume!  Again these are small policies for a small premium, but we sell A LOT of policies. Last year my personal group sold over 20,000 new policies!

What Would My Commission be on a Policy with a $50 a Month Payment?

Beginning agents would get a total commission of $480 on an 80% contract. How many can you sell in a day? 1, 2, 3, More?

How Much do the Leads Cost?

Lead costs can vary by state, and by the type of lead (television, direct mail, digital, or preset appointments in English or Spanish). The average cost is between, $18 to $47 per lead depending on the type of lead you are working.  We have leads for as low as $5 based on age, availability, and location. You do not pay for the leads up front! They are financed to you.


What is Lead Financing?

Lead financing simply means, we give you leads at no up-front cost to you.  After you sell a policy we will withhold a percentage of your commission if you owe lead costs. If you don’t owe money, we don’t take anything! We have to charge for leads because it’s the only way we can produce a quality lead.  We lose money on the lead program, but it’s what puts us in front of quality prospects and allows us to out-produce every other company in the final expense market.

We don’t have any finance charges, and we continually improve and test our leads to ensure you are getting the best leads available.

Companies that offer no cost, or low cost leads have to make it up somewhere. Either they offer a lower commission, a lower quality or non-exclusive lead, or they have a way of paying for the lead.

Lincoln Heritage offers competitive contracts with quality leads in the business. I personally lose tons of money on the lead program, but make money on the $14 million + a year my group writes in new business as a result.

Do You Have Chargebacks?

Yes. All insurance companies have chargebacks if the client cancels within their first year, but we finance the charges. For example, if you owe $1,000 in chargebacks we won’t hold all your commission until it’s paid like most companies do. We just withhold a small percentage, so you make more money.

How Many Policies Cancel Within the First Year?

Every company is going to have cancellations and most say you are doing well if you can retain 70% of your first year business in Final Expense.

Lincoln Heritage's national average is 80%. We do so well because we have people in my office whose sole job is to do nothing but policy retention! They call all day long, mail letters, and work with agents to keep policies on the books. This means that you get to keep and retain more of the money you make!

Are you a Captive Agency?

No, BUT we want to protect our leads and our lead system. We don’t spend the amount of money we do to generate quality leads, only to give them away to other insurance companies. We prefer our agents to sell Final Expense solely with our company if using our leads, but if you already have company appointments, we typically will not require you to change any of them.

What Does an Agent’s Average Day Look Like?

Our agents are out in the field working 15-30 fresh exclusive leads a week. You have the ability to set and work your own schedule, but we recommend working 40 hours a week to maximize your results. It’s recommended that you start in the field by 9 am and that you put in a solid full day’s work, until your goal is met.  If one day you fall short, work the following day until you make up your daily goal. Most of the time is spent talking with people in their homes.  This is a true outside, in-home sales with leads provided.

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