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Adam Hale - Regional Manager
Taylored Legacy

Adam's Story


In March 2008, after several successful years in that field, I closed my mortgage business. What I was left with were 3 houses in foreclosure, 2 cars that were repossessed, and a line of creditors just waiting to get a piece of me. To top it off, a staggering tax debt hung over me because I tried to keep my doors open, instead of just walking away.

I had nowhere to turn. Then God placed an opportunity in front of me that forever changed my family’s future. I received a phone call from an old real estate client, informing me that he had an opening as an insurance agent. Not knowing the details, and my situation, I asked if it were even possible for me to make $150k my first year. (This being the only way in my mind that I could turn my situation around). He told me that he would provide the opportunity, training, and the blue prints to do exactly that. The only catch, he said, is I would have to follow his system exactly and work my butt off 70 hours a week if I wanted $150k in the first 12 months. At that point, I was willing to do whatever it took to feed my family and get myself out of the financial mess I was in.

I started and did just that. The first month I worked 7 days a week and was in the field 9 am to 9 pm most days. With my sales ability, work ethic, and his system, I was able to become the #1 agent in the country in my 1st month. By April 2008 I sold 62 applications for $35,995 in new business and grossed over $17,000 in income. (All using their leads system, NOT my friends and family). I didn’t do this because I’m extraordinary, but because I followed his system and executed it day in and day out.

At the end of my first year, I was the highest averaging agent in the country and was promoted to a management position. I have taught my group the same foundation and system that was taught to me. By 2009 it brought me to the spot of #1 District Manager. My group brought in just shy of $1.5 Million in new business for the year, which promoted me to Regional Manager. We grew from $1.5 Million to over $2.2 Million in 2010, and ranked 8th nationally alongside other Regional Managers that have been here for decades… and we still didn’t slow down. In 2011, we hit $3.3 Million in new business, $4.5 Million in 2012, $7.8 Million in 2013, and now we write between $1 million to $1.2 million per month.

My group is one of the largest final expense agencies in the country and we are growing.  We are growing faster than any other group because we follow a proven Turn-Key System.

I’ll never promise you anything I have not personally achieved or that I cannot prove.

Numbers don’t lie, so here are my income results:

2008 - $121,511 (1st 9 Months Licensed)
2009 - $284,345
2010 - $395,399
2011 - $690,682
2012 - $1,004,611
2013 - $1,479,650
2014 - $1,942,570
2015 - $2,323,465
2016 - $2,528,045
2017 - $2,687,457
2018 - $2,665,164
2019 - $2,757,915‬


That's almost $19 Million in Personal Gross Income since starting a career selling final expense insurance with our company.


On top of it all, I broke the $8,000,000 in Residual income for my family's legacy.

When I started, I committed 100% to this company, our system, and to the idea that “failure is not an option”. I thought to myself if others could do this and make millions of dollars, so could I!

My question to you is, are you next?

I can show you how to duplicate my results if you are willing to commit the work with a good attitude and are willing to sacrifice as I did!


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