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The Taylored Legacy Team is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients and finding the best solution to fit their final expense needs. We understand that funeral and burial expenses can be costly and unexpected, and our goal is to take that distress off your loved ones. Our final expense product can alleviate some of the financial and emotional stress of a passing and can grant peace and security to those who are still grieving.

Our final expense product is unlike anything offered by our competitors. We partner with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®, who has specialized in final expense life insurance for more than 55 years.

Our policies don’t require a medical exam – just health questions on a one-page application – making the whole process quick and easy. But what truly sets us apart from other final expense providers is that we help your surviving loved ones with the hundreds of details that arise during the funeral process. When one of our policyholders passes away, we want to make sure things go smoothly and easily for the loved ones taking care of the funeral arrangements.

We offer whole life insurance up to $35,000 and we offer a modified policy for those who have health conditions. We also offer a 20-pay, where the policy is paid-up in 20 years. Your plan can also include an accidental death benefit up to $100,000. Once your claim is approved Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company will distribute the payment within 24 hours.

Insurance Policy Face Amounts

Final Expense

Age Issue Limits
0-80 up to $35,000
81-85 up to $15,000

Twenty Pay

Age Issue Limits
0-80 up to $35,000

3 Year Modified Death Benefit

Age Issue Limits
0-49 up to $15,000

2 Year Modified Death Benefit

Age Issue Limits
50-85 up to $15,000


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