What is Final Expense Insurance, And Who is Our Target Market?

We sell final expense life insurance policies designed to cover funeral costs. In most situations, we can insure almost anyone ages 0-85. Most can qualify even with existing health conditions. Final expense insurance provides a valuable service to our community and the families of those that we help. They generally insure under $15,000 in coverage, but we can insure up to $35,000 based on certain health restrictions. Final Expense is about offering a product that everyone needs, educating our community on its importance, and helping families. There is no better feeling than providing a product/service that assists people at one of the most difficult times in their lives.


Meet Our Regional Sales Manager

Meet our Telesales manager, Dana Nesen. With over 20 years of Telesales experience, Dana partnered with Adam Hale to build a one-of-a-kind telesales platform that allows agents to plug into a system from home and have unlimited access to FREE leads and FREE live leads transfers.

Dana has a proven track record of being in the top 1% of sales professionals at every organization she has worked with. Before getting her insurance license in 2020, she sold merchant services to small-medium-sized businesses, and her most recent career was selling leads to real estate agents and brokers. She is one of the fastest-growing agencies in the country and hit her Regional Manager promotion faster than any other manager in our company's history. 

Dana is also trained and certified in the NEPQ methodology of selling, and this approach has allowed her to reach a conversion rate of over 70% over the phone. You will not only be part of a team that gives you a lot of opportunities, but Dana will also give you ongoing coaching, training, and support. She will listen to your calls, help identify where you might be falling short, and help you correct it to ensure your success. 



How Many Hours Are Required Per Week?

Looking for agents that can commit at least 40 or more hours per week, but you choose the days and hours that you work.


What Should An Average Producer Earn Their First 30 Days?

$3,000-$6,000 Minimum Net With Top Sales Producers Earning Two To Three Times That Amount.


Am I A Good Fit?

  • Willing to work exclusively with our company?
  • Do you have phone sales experience?
  • Must be life licensed and willing to get your non-resident licensed in a minimum of 5 states before starting.
  • Are you coachable?
  • Do you have a great attitude?
  • Can you handle a high level of rejection daily with a smile?
  • Are you willing to do "Whatever It Takes"?
  • Willing to set your ego aside?
  • Willing to commit 40-50 hours per week


Where Must I Live To Be Able To Take Advantage Of This Opportunity?


(Texas and Florida have select zip codes you must reside in to be eligible, click the button below to see if you can get appointed)

Allowed TX & FL Zip Codes

Our carrier has protected territories based on your residence address that we must adhere to.

When Can I Work?

You can work any hours of your choosing.


Is There A Guaranteed/Base Pay?

Our weekly bonus guarantee is based on talk time, which we have agents that are qualifying weekly every week since we began the program.

We provide weekly bonus pay based on talk time plus a up to 50% commission on our standard final expense policies.


Telesales DAILY Bonus Program (Requires Paypal To Be Paid Daily)

  • 5 Hours Of Talk Time = $50 Guaranteed Bonus Per Day
  • 6 Hours Of Talk Time = $100 Guaranteed Bonus Per Day
  • 7 Hours Of Talk Time = $150 Guaranteed Bonus Per Day
  • 8 Hours Of Talk Time = $200 Guaranteed Bonus Per Day

40% Agent in Training Incentive Program (30 days required)
You Tee Up The Calls To Closers And Learn In Real-Time
Earn up to $6,000/month + Commission
45% Agent in takeoff (must have issued $10,000 AP unassisted)
Earn up to $6,000/month + Commission
50% Fully Trained Telesales Agent (must have issued an additional $40,000 AP)
A standard bonus program applies.  See below. (If you have proof of production, your contract is negotiable.)
Weekly Submitted AP Bonus - Up To $2,000/month + Commission (Paid Weekly)
  • $15,000 = $500
  • $10,000 = $375
  • $7500 = $250
  • $5000 = $175
  • $3500 = $125
*5% conversion rate minimum to qualify
*debit cards/direct express cards will be deducted from weekly totals
Monthly Issued Paid AP Bonus - Up To $3,000/month + Commission (Paid Weekly)
  • $20,000 = $500
  • $30,000 = $1000
  • $40,000 = $1500
  • $50,000 = $3000


*20 hours minimum talk time per week to qualify and writing credit or debit cards, disqualifies you from weekly bonuses*

**50% of bonus money must go towards licensing until all 17 taylored legacy states are met**


What Is The Average Payment The Client Is Paying?

Our average monthly premium is currently $80 per month that our clients pay, but we have plans as low as $15 per month.


How Does The Pay Work?

  • Client average payment $80 a month x’s 12 months = $960 annualized premium
  • $960 x 50% = $480 gross commission per sale
  • $480 x 75% = $360 advance commission up front
  • 25% not advanced is divided over next 12 months and is paid monthly starting month 2 as long as client makes 2nd payment at $10 a month


When Are You Paid?

  • Weekly bonus talk time checks are mailed out every Monday, based on the previous Monday through Sunday's talk time. Commissions on sales are paid daily directly from Lincoln Heritage if submitted before 3 pm Arizona time. If it's post-dated, you will be paid three days after the payment date.

Is There A-Max Advance Per Household?

Yes, the max advance is $800 per household or any business connected via address or account. The remaining commission will be paid as earned over the next 12 months to ensure large chargebacks do not hurt the agent. Policies over $100 a month typically have a much larger chance of lapsing.

Are There Chargebacks?

If a policy lapses in the 1st 12 months, you are charged back pro-rata of how long they had the policy.


What Is Our Retention?

Taylored Legacy retention ranges typically from 83-85%. We have an entire retention department whose sole job is to help our agents retain by re-instating lapsed policies.


What Products Are We Selling?

We specialize in final expense life insurance, designed primarily to protect seniors living on a fixed income

Who Is Our Niche?

Most of our prospects are people that are in their mid 60's+70's that are living on a fixed income and have responded to one of our advertisements because something has happened that has them thinking they need to take care of this, so they don't leave a financial burden on their loved ones.

Can I Cross Sale Or Sale Other Products/Why?

If that's your intention, this is not the right opportunity. We are looking for career agents that want to be a master in selling final expense, as agents that try and cross-sell always fail.


Can I Have Other Final Expense Carriers?

No. Once you get up and running and see that we can deliver on our promises, we will ask you to cancel any other carriers that offer final expense. We have had issues with agents in the past that have used our leads and platform to sell other products/companies. We don't want to listen to every call or micromanage our agents, so this is non-negotiable.


Do We Require Any Up-Front Fees Or Cost?

There are no fees or costs to begin with, but each agent is responsible for their dialer/crm monthly seat fee of $250 (free leads/transfer all flow through that system).

We reimburse the seat fee if you write $10,000 in issue-paid business or have over 80 hours of talk time for the month.

You are responsible for your state life insurance license/unless you qualify for our paid licensing reimbursement program.


How Does The Training Work?

Once you submit your contract, you will receive our online training, about 4 hours of total training. It includes our product/company information, sales presentation/objections, and how to complete our E-application process. Then you will schedule a role play with our Sale Manager. It will be up to you to prepare before your role-play to sell our sales manager and get her blessing to set up your dialer and begin producing. We are not looking for perfection but for people who have prepared and studied the presentation before the meeting. If you have not prepared, it will be up to the sales manager to reschedule or terminate the relationship.

Make sure and write out and practice the presentation with someone several times before your role play and you will do great.

We like to get agents going and paid on their first sale within seven days of submitting their DocuSign contract.


How Soon Can I Start?

Once you sign your contract, our goal is to get you paid within seven days or sooner. But, of course, that will also depend on your background check and how quickly you complete the training and pass your role-play presentation.


What Does The Future Of This Look Like?

The future is VERY bright as our market grows by 10,000+ a day and should last for 20+ years. Telesales is our newest venture, and we have invested a significant amount into developing our processes to help our agents succeed. That means we will have more advancement opportunities and the ability to grow your income rapidly and consistently from day one!


Who Are We Selling

Lincoln Heritage only, the leader in our industry with $160+ million a year in new business, is ranked as the #1 final expense provider in the country. They provide an easy application process with 98% approval on submitted applications, with most policies being issued as same-day coverage. If the clients have significant health issues, we can still generally cover them on a graded two-year modified program.

Our main selling points:

Non-contestable claims paid within 24-48 hours

Excellent Rating With AM's Best

A+ Better Business Bureau

We Provide Free Enrollment To Our Sister Company The FCGS A Not-For-Profit Funeral Advocate Service

  • Typically $199 Per Person/ $299 Per Family
  • They Provide Funeral Planning Guide To Outline Clients EXACT Wishes
  • 5 ID Cards
  • Plan Activation To Help Ensure A Smooth Process
  • Price Shopping At Time Of Need With 3 Local Funeral Homes
  • Huge Savings For Our Clients 


Who is the IMO?

We work under the Golden Memorial umbrella, which has had a 37+ year exclusive relationship with Lincoln Heritage. Golden Memorial sells more final expense life insurance than any other agency in the country. Every person working in any of our exclusive territories must be approved by Golden Memorial to sell with Taylored Legacy & Lincoln Heritage.

1099 Or W2

This is a 1099 position with benefits and weekly bonuses based on talk time.


Are There Benefits

Yes. If you sell over $30,000 per quarter (Approximately ten applications per month), you can qualify for Lincoln's health/dental group benefits. The exact details can be found in Lincoln's web portal once you are issued an agent number, including premiums and package information.


How Much Are Leads & Live Transfers

Lead are FREE for all telesales agents.


Where Do The Leads Come From

We generate the leads from Direct Mail, Web, And TV advertising in 17 states and generate 6-10 live transfers per agent, per day. (For agents licensed in all 17 states)


How Are Leads Distributed?

Leads are distributed equally by state based on the agents' availability.


How Many Free Leads Can I Work?

There is no limit to the number of leads or transfers. However, the more hours you work and the more states you are licensed, the larger pool of fresh leads and live transfers you will have access to.


How Long Does It Take To Start?

Generally 7-10 days from the time you submit your contract and complete your training.


What's Required To Start?

  • Hard wired internet connection – Not WIFI
  • Headset
  • Computer
  • Life Insurance License (Recommended to be licensed in 5 or more states)
  • Must be coachable with a positive attitude that handles rejection with a smile


What's The Average Closing Ratio?

It varies from 5%-15% depending on the lead type, the lead's age, and the agent's sales ability.  TV leads and Live Transfers Closing Ratios Are 15%-30%.


What Are Average/Top Agents Earning

You should earn at least 30% of your annualized premium UP FRONT when you first begin and should average at least one sale per day.

On the low end, $4-$5k from your first month and increasing with their as earned and continue to improve.

Top agents can begin earning $8-$15k starting month one and increasing with their as-earned and continue to improve.


Can I Build A Team?

We are always looking for leaders that can lead by example. You must build up your monthly as earned to at least $2,500 per month and consistently write $20,000-$30,000 a month in annualized premium to be considered for a management-level contract. You also need to be here at least 8 months, so we can get a read on your 7th month persistency.

*Exceptions if you have an agency you are bringing over.


Are There Advancement Opportunities

Yes, based on production, monthly paythrough, attitude, and time with our agency.


Is Experience Required

No experience is required.


Other terms and conditions may apply, and Taylored Legacy reserves the right to change, cancel, or modify at any time without written or verbal notice.



What Are You Waiting For?

Apply Here



Terms and conditions apply and Taylored Legacy/Adam Hale & Associates reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel any bonuses without written notice at anytime.  There are additional terms and conditions that are required to qualify and you must contact us for details.  We don't make any promises or guarantees about income or compensation structure and this is a 1099 position.